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Oct. 22nd, 2014 11:41 am
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Hi, Yuletide author!

I am very excited for this year's Yuletide...of course, I suppose I am every year, but I'm even more excited because this year YOU are my author! :D

I am not adding much to this letter, but let me say I'm very much interested in gen unless otherwise noted. I definitely don't want anything about a PG-13 kind of rating. I'm going to be pretty much okay with whatever you write. I love AU kind of things, and I love imagining what happens to characters beyond the stories we already know. The future is very interesting to me.

Whatever emotions you choose to evoke, I don't mind. I like to laugh or cry, and even better if I can do both at the same time.

Most of all, write something you will enjoy, too, because I'll probably enjoy it that much more if you do, too. :)

At any rate, here are my signups:

Fandom: Animorphs
Characters: Any
Details: I'm cool with any of the main six characters (and any other characters, but would prefer some combination of the main six - I didn't fill out the character section because it only lets me pick four). My favorites are Ax and Marco, but I love them all.

I'd love to see some post-54 stuff where they actually survive, or at least, someone actually survives. I'm fine with Rachel being dead (though I won't say no if she is somehow alive!), but I'd just...like to see something past "Ram the Blade Ship," you know?

If you'd prefer to do something in series, that's fine as well. I'd especially love something in the middle of the series - around book 15 was where I really got into the series as a kid and I tapered off somewhere around 35, though I've read all of them. :)

Fandom:The Fault in our Stars
Characters: Hazel, Isaac, Gus
Details: I'd love to see a post book Hazel/Isaac, though not too quickly after Gus's death. Friendship is fine, but I'd hate to think that just because Gus died that Hazel went back to the Hazel of before that didn't do very much except grumble about support group, go to school when she felt well enough, and watch Top Model.

I'd also take any missing moments between Hazel and Gus.

And anything with Hazel, really.

I guess I'm not very picky here is what I'm trying to say.
Other notes: I'm definitely a Nerdfighter, so if you want to include any of those kind of references, don't worry. I will get them, and they will be awesome. DFTBA! :D

Fandom: Full House
Characters: Any
Details: What happens in this house after the kids all grow up? Do the guys (+ Aunt Becky) still live together? If they don't, how is that going? How does Danny deal with the house all to himself?

I'd also take something from non-nominated characters. It'd be especially interesting to see Jodi Sweetin's real life issues applied to Steph, I think. The Full House was always so idyllic, despite the beginnings of death by drunk driver, so it'd be interesting to see that changed.

Oh, and I'm a huge fan of the blog Full House Reviewed, so if you know that, I totally don't mind if you go that direction with it. Especially the idea that Tanners and co are so self-centered and regularly use public events as a forum to discuss their troubles and fight about things. Or if you want to get weird and have, say, the sappy lesson-learned music actually play in-universe. Or anything.


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