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Dear Yuletide Writer,

First off: Thank you! You're awesome. If you're a pinch hitter, thank you so much for helping make sure everyone gets a story. :)

Beyond that, I'm a pretty easy person to please. As far as ratings go, I don't want anything NC-17, but beyond that, yay! I don't mind if sex/slash/whatever is in the story, but I generally prefer plot-filled or character stories to relationship-y ones. I also really like to read AU (alternate universe) stories. I love them kind of the most. If the story has some kind of "what if ____ had happened instead of ____?" kind of plot, I will probably be all over it. I am not a huge fan of fluff - not to say that I dislike stories with good things happening to characters, but I generally find characters more interesting when things aren't going well.

Here are some suggestions for what I might want to see/why I picked it/etc, but I'll be honest: I'll probably enjoy any story you have in mind for one of those fandoms/characters. Do NOT feel limited by what I say here. :)

Back to the Future

It's a little weird that Marty hangs out with an old guy, right? I mean, at least somewhat. We know his homelife is a little strange, but we know he's relatively well-adjusted in spite of that - he has a girlfriend, and he has friends he's in a band with...but how did that start? I've always wondered that.

If you don't like or can't write that prompt, I'd love to see anything focusing on Marty before or after the movies. After could be equally interesting - what was his friendship with Doc like after the movies?

Dead Poets Society

This is an incredibly special prompt to me because I have literally asked for it every year of Yuletide, and I have yet to have anyone write it. I really just want to see a story where Neil doesn't die and has to work through his problems, preferably with Keating as a mentor. I want to see the pain, maybe even suicide attempts. Estrangements from his father, perhaps him going to medical school out of duty yet nearly failing out because he sneaks off to audition and perform in plays in the non-existent free time a med student has.

I think there is a really awesome story in there somewhere, and I'd love to read it.

If not, any Neil-based story would be great, including totally canon-compliant. Missing scenes would be great. Slash (though not Neil/Keating, please) is totally welcome here if you so desire.

The Fugitive

THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE MOVIES EVER....but please don't let that be intimidating. Um, I just kind of love it. My favorite thing (after Harrison Ford, who I completely adore) about it is the mystery, but I completely understand if there is no way you can write that kind of thing and would not expect you to. If you even want to try, I would love you forever.

But what I really want out of this story is the Kimble and Gerard working together, kind of like White Collar. I think it would be sort of awesome to need his expertise as a former fugitive - maybe it's a similar crime, the same area (Chicago ♥), etc.

Any sort of story where they meet again is really awesome, as well.

That Thing You Do!

Reading about Guy and Faye's relationship after the movie is really what I'm interested in. Did they stay friends with anybody? Did they stay together? Did Guy go on to be a jazz great?

Any Guy/Faye fluff would also be acceptable if you don't want to speculate what could have been. I'd also be interested to read something where she stayed with Jimmy longer and continues to be good friends with Guy - that could be an incredibly interesting story.

Really, I would just like to see anything with the two characters, I guess. Any direction you want to take a story with them would be awesome :D I want to stress that I do NOT require you abide by the credits that tell us what happened to them after. It is completely fine to me if you ignore those details.

I really really hope you enjoy writing whichever prompt of mine you choose - I know I'll love anything you write. Have fun :)


Date: 2011-11-29 03:15 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
So I just found this and your TTYD! prompt is amazing and superawesome. :) Figured I'd share that thought with you. :)


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