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I loved it.

I hated it.

I don't mind that there are loose threads. As long as they are tied up at the end of the season and we still get some good mostly self-contained episodes (they are my favorites), I am okay.


  • River Song, keep being your badass self. You win me over more and more with every appearance...I didn't much like you at first, but now you are full of winning.

  • Creepy. as. shit. THE FUCKING SILENCE ON THE CEILING LIKE BATS HOLY SHIT. I literally went HOLY SHIT. Also, the tick marks appearing on Amy. Also, EVERYTHING ABOUT THAT ORPHANAGE.

  • The Doctor in the Apollo 11 module and subsequent run-in with security and security's run-in with Nixon

  • RORY!! Rory remembers, Rory loves her, Rory was all worried that she wasn't talking about him, Rory in the glasses, Rory breaking the lunar lander model. Basically: ♥ RORY ♥

  • FBI! Amy = Scully, y/y?

  • Twisting the story into actual history: I LOVE the idea with the moon landing tape having something hidden in it. LOVE IT. Also, the mention of the Doctor telling Nixon to record everything. LOL DOCTORGATE.

There was plenty more I love. Those immediately spring to mind.

I love the threads left for the season. Like I said, I am generally a bigger fan of stories that aren't part of a greater arc, especially as they air. Often, later, as I know the whole story, I start to enjoy those more. I think with Doctor Who, in particular, I am wary of it turning into a show that never wraps anything up, but I really hope that most of our questions are answered by the end of the season. Though I am super sick of seeing regeneration ALL THE TIME. I hope the explanation for the girl is a good one.

However, here is what I HATE:

The Doctor is a man who could not bring himself to never give the Daleks the chance to exist. He is a man who was pumped for the day that everybody lives. He is the man that was unable to push the button to destroy all the Daleks when it meant destroying humans, too. He is a man who hates guns (except apparently for River? STICK TO YOUR MORALS, DOCTOR. What happened to, "You can shoot me dead, but the moral high ground is mine." Anyway...).

He spent quite a few a lines on discussing how the Silence lived here, too. That this had been their home for a long time as well. That they wouldn't be fighting an invasion; they were leading a revolution.

All of this? All of this, to me, means that the Doctor wanted to find a peaceful way out. He didn't even try. Not to mention that, other than randomly kill that lady in the restroom and whatever they were doing with the girl, they hadn't really DONE anything WRONG. All they were doing was having humans do things that were mutually beneficial. If his beef with them is that they were using humans, I refuse to believe that the Doctor's solution would be to do the same goddamn thing and turn the ENTIRE WORLD into cold-blooded murders without their knowledge. Oh, yes, I know. The Silence told the world to do it themselves.

No, they absolutely did not. The Doctor broadcasted a message to the world that was never intended to be heard by the world. The Doctor did this.

It's absolutely horrific. Not a fan of that part, Moffat. Not a fan.
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